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  • Simple no BS dealership
    I HATE buying cars and dealing with salesmen...the fact that I used to be a car salesman makes the process even more painful because I recognize all the games and tactics and usually roll my eyes at them. Gesick is a little dealership that is close to me, so I went to check out a new(ish) truck as they always seem to have a lot of trucks. Steve (think that's his name) and I got along immediately because he didn't pull the usual BS salesman song and dance I'm all too accustomed to. He told me what he had, what they wanted, what the payments would be AND THAT'S IT. He lets the vehicles sell themselves and stayed out of our faces with the salesman BS. Ended up buying my truck from him purely because I liked the no BS vibe I got from that dealership. 3 months later, my Ford Super Duty is running like a champ. I got it serviced at the repair shop down the road and they even told me that they've seen some real nice cars come through that dealership. He even said they brought a Camaro in for brake work and it needed so much they just took it back to auction...didn't try to do a cheap BS repair to get it sold. For a mechanic to give a good word, that meant a lot to me. My truck had no surprises, coverups or duct tape repairs. Buying cars is a sucky process. At least I can say it was a painless experience there and I got a very clean truck. It's got 130k on the odo, so will it give me 100k of trouble free miles? Who knows, nobody can see the future and it is a used vehicle. I'd recommend this dealership to anyone and I'll go back for my next car.

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